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Home Automation Using Arduino via InternetHome Automation via Internet Using ArduinoHome Automation Using Arduino via InternetHome Automation Using Arduino via InternetHome Automation via Internet Using Arduinoloading...
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Combo ₹9,600
Learning ₹9,800
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Product Description


Home Automation  via Ethernet Using Arduino project provides facility to control the home appliances by clicking on buttons in application on smart phone via internet. Theses appliances control wirelessly using WLAN network with help of Ethernet module in the circuit. We basically create a HTML page from ATmega 328 which can be accessed by the Laptop or Smart phone connected to the network from their respective internet browsers. So we don’t need to install any specific application in each device you want to control your appliance with. By using this project, user can control his/her home’s appliance ON or OFF like Bulbs, Fan, Television, AC or any electrical appliances.  Thus, here we present the design and implementation of a low cost but yet flexible and secure internet based home automation system. The communication between the devices is wireless. The protocol between the units in the design is enhanced to be suitable for most of the appliances. The system is designed to be low cost and flexible with the increasing variety of devices to be controlled. Networking is a major component of the processes and control instrumentation systems as the network’s architecture solves many of the Industrial automation problems. There is a great deal of benefits in the process of industrial parameters to adopt the Ethernet control system. Hence an attempt has been made to develop an Ethernet based remote monitoring and control of home appliances. In the present work the experimental result shows that remote monitoring and control system (RMACS) over the Ethernet.

Advantages and Future Scope:

  1. Now a day every where is going to have a phone, electrical power connections, and it’s going to have Ethernet. Thus it can easily applied to our life for controlling electrical loads via mobile.
  2. Day to day people want to make their life easier and advanced technology.  Thus, it is so effective way to achieve this target for controlling the electrical loads of home, industries, office etc as we use internet to control the electrical loads from anywhere in the world.
  3. It provides home automation at an affordable incremental cost.

How To Choose Best kit for You

1. Professional Kit

this kit for Professional person who knows project soldering, testing, assembling and some basics knowledge. In this kit our role is to provide PCB fabrication, microcontroller programming (If any), Project designing and documentation. Our responsibility is limited to according to checklist facilities only. User is responsible for further process like soldering, assembling etc to complete the project. (Do it yourself 70%)

2. Assembled kit

this kit is fully assembled and tested by us for final running. It has prepared for instant requirements and Ready to Use

3. Combo Kit

there are two separate kits, one fully assembled and tested kit. The second one is a Designed & Drilled Copper PCB with soldering components except a set of detachable components which is already attached in first kit (assembled). User can complete the second kit according to assembly procedure given by us in their college practical lab. If user could not complete their project then he/she can use our first kit or make correction by analyzing and comparing with first kit. (Do it yourself 50%)

4. Learning Kit

this kit is fully Do it yourself under our live guidance & support at our workshop or online video calling. We guide how can component has to be place on PCB and solder to it. We continuously checks and guide if any mistaken by user step by step till completion of project. And after successfully completion of project we certify to student that he/she complete their project successfully in our guidance and also provides our company certificate for this. (Do it yourself 90%)

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